Founded in 2019, HIATUS Beauty skincare brand came about on an accidental journey to serendipity. Trying to cope with the ever-mounting pressures of life, founder Theodora Dennis decided to turn a hobby that had become her saving grace into a full-fledged brand. Work pressures were overwhelming and life was life-ing, so Theodora began to DIY her way into tranquility, peace, and balance.

Self care is only optional, until life forces us to make it a priority.

After a soul-sucking experience with burnout, she decided to prioritize wellness and me time. As an avid traveler Theodora was tasked with creating products that created a virtual vacation with out leaving your home. We can't deny the power of a mental reset on someone's beach, but that isn't always a possibility.

Our collection of clean and cruelty-free skin products have pronounced scents to enhance your virtual vacation experience. While our best-selling body butters are infused with the richest organic butters and oils to give you that sun-kissed "just got back from St. Tropez" glow.

We encourage the idea of clocking out of life and all the hats we wear, even if it's only for a few minutes of uninterrupted indulgence. Take a Hiatus on us.